Pr. Siegfried Hekimi from McGill University will give the keynote lecture during Paris Redox 2016 and will talk about Mitochondrial dysfunction and longevity

HekimiIt is a great pleasure to welcome Pr. Hekimi for the first time in Paris Redox Conference. Pr. Hekimi will highlight Mitochondrial dysfunction and longevity in animals: Untangling the knot.

Mitochondria generate ATP and are a source of potentially toxic reactive oxygen species (ROS). It has been suggested that the gradual mitochondrial dysfunction that accompanies aging could be causal to the aging process.

However, our findings suggest that age-dependent mitochondrial dysfunction is not sufficient to limit life span. Furthermore, mitochondrial ROS are not always deleterious and can even stimulate pro-longevity pathways. I will also describe our recent results that can allow to reconcile the complex actions of pro- and anti-oxidants on lifespan without invoking hormesis.