The Anti-inflammatory Effects of Nrf2 Activation - Paris Redox World Congress 2022 - June 22- 24, 2022


The Anti-inflammatory Effects of Nrf2 Activation

Paris-Redox-2021-Speaker Albena-Dinkova-KostovaProf. Albena T. Dinkova-Kostova from Jacqui Wood Cancer Centre, United Kingdom, will give a presentation entitled "The Anti-inflammatory Effects of Nrf2 Activation".

According to her latest studies, Prof. Dinkova-Kostova says that the steady increase in the number of new cancer cases diagnosed each year and the modest success in cancer treatment highlight the urgent need for the development of strategies for prevention. It is important to understand that the disease cancer is the process of carcinogenesis itself that begins many years, often decades, before any clinical symptoms become apparent. Protection against cancer in animal models can be accomplished by induction of the Keap1/Nrf2 pathway, which controls the gene expression of numerous enzymes (e.g., glutathione S-transferases, epoxide hydrolase, quinone reductase 1, heme oxygenase 1) that catalyze versatile reactions collectively leading to detoxification of electrophiles and oxidants. However, the Keap1/Nrf2 pathway is often upregulated in established tumors, where it contributes to cancer cell survival, metabolic adaptation, chemo- and radioresistance.


Paris Redox 2021 Congress
October 13-15, 2021 - Paris, France & Online

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