Welcome Note - Paris Redox World Congress 2021 - October 13- 15, 2021

Welcome to Paris Redox 2021 Interactive Online Congress

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the organization of the 23rd International Conference on Oxidative Stress Reduction, Redox Homeostasis & Antioxidants "Paris Redox 2021" which will be held on October 13-15, 2021 as an Interactive Online Congress with Live Sessions.

Last year,  History and I presume that many books will be written about that year. For ISANH, it was the first time in 22 years that we could not get together in Paris for our Annual Meeting. After an extensive discussion among the scientific and organizing committees, we decided to organize our 22nd World Congress, Paris Redox 2020, as an online meeting only. During the meeting all registered attendees had unlimited access to the platform whenever they wished at any time. To our pleasant surprise, we had many participants from all continents and having a meeting online was received extremely well. The possibility to look at talks more than once and interact with speakers in the App was used by many participants. The meeting was definitely rising above our expectations.

Having said that does not mean that we will hold online meetings from now on. In life, but also in science we need personal interaction. Nevertheless, this year, we bring to you an even better experience from the comfort of your home: An Interactive Online Congress with Live Sessions you can access to whenever you want to.

This is the best way to discuss science and to set up new collaborations. It is for those reasons that, as it looks now, we plan to have our meeting on the 13th and the 15th of October, 2021 as a virtual interactive congress.

In the upcoming meeting, we will discuss Redox signaling as a wide spectrum that means that submissions on reactive oxygen species, reactive nitrogen species and reactive sulfur species are very much welcome. In our opinion the inclusion of multiple reactive species as driving forces of redox signaling will significantly broaden our scope. As may be clear from the literature, lifestyle, diet and the microbiome are becoming driving forces in the modulation of the Redox status. Clinical and experimental approaches in that field are subjects we would like to discuss. Other clinical and animal studies which aim at the modulation of the Redox status and means to measure that will be the subject of many talks in the meeting. To further elucidate the multiple mechanisms of redox control in oxidative stress-related pathologies and aging, we also welcome data on the identification and dissection of the function of the key players in reactive species-related redox processes. 

Paris Redox 2021 will surely make an eminent contribution to a better understanding of the reactive species-induced redox control in physiological conditions and various pathologies. This will lead to new therapeutic and disease-preventive agents. We therefore invite you to submit papers on reactive species related to health and disease ranging from fundamental and technical aspects to experimental and clinical diseases. 

Among the Topics which will be discussed during 3 days congress:

Redox 2021: Recent Advances & Perspectives

• Gut, Microbiome and Redox: Focus on Covid-19 Infections

• Brain, Neurodegenerative Diseases and Redox

• Ageing & Telomeres 2021: Advances and Perspective

• Redox Medicine: Innovations & Clinical Studies


Let us together make the 2021 Paris Redox meeting a resounding success.

All our warmest regards.


Harry van Goor President of ISANHProf. Harry van Goor

President of ISANH
Department of Pathology and Medical Biology
University Medical Center
Groningen, the Netherlands


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