Agenda at a glance

20th World Congress on 

Oxidative Stress, Redox Homeostasis

& Antioxidants 2018

June 25-26, 2018 - Paris, France


Among speakers & topics already confirmed

Generation of oxidative stress as an anticancer therapeutic strategy
Meng-Er Huang, Institut Curie, France

Dietary antioxidant capacity and risk of type 2 diabetes
Francesca Mancini, Institut Gustave Roussy, France

A 3D model of the regulatory subunits of the NADPH oxidase - implications for the design of NADPH oxidase inhibitors
Oliver Nüsse, University Paris-Sud, France

Non-invasive detection of oxidative-stress biomarkers in exhaled air – an overview
Guillaume Suarez, Institut Universitaire Romand de Santé au Travail, Switzerland

In vivo Reactive Oxygen Species imaging for complex pathology monitoring: use of nanoparticules
Antigoni Alexandrou, Ecole Polytechnique, France

Role of antioxidant genes in regulation of stem cells differentiation, in regenerative medicine, cardiovascular diseases and cancer
Jozef Dulak, Jagiellonian University, Poland


Day 1 - Monday, June 25  


07:50 Registration and welcoming of attendees

09:00 Introduction Remarks by Paris Redox World Congress 2018 Chairpersons

Session 1 - Oxidative Stress, Redox Regulation-Modulation
and Redox-Active

  • New Players in Redox Balance
  • DNA damage response proteins & oxidative stress
  • CSB, ATM (DNA Repair)
  • Bc2/CasP9 (apoptosis)
  • Strategies to modulate the harmful effects of antioxidants

Session 2 - Oxidative Stress & Chronic Diseases:
From Predictive to
Preventive Medicine

  • Cardiovascular Diseases
  • Neurodegenerative Diseases
  • Ocular Diseases
  • Cancer
  • Pulmonary Diseases

Session 3 - Oxidative Stress & Reproduction

  • Spermatogenesis and oxidative stress
  • Placentation and oxidative stress
  • Endometriose and oxidative stress

18:30 End of the First Day

20:00 Paris Redox 2018 Dinner
To participate, please register online before June 12.

Day 2 - Tuesday, June 26

09:00 Introduction of the second day

Session 4 - Antioxidants, Redox Homeostasis and Skin

Session 5 - Oxidative Stress, New Bio-sensors & Biomarkers:
Imaging of Oxidative Stress in 2018

  • Devices & Methods to visualize the impact of oxidative stress
  • Oxidative stress in vitro vs in vivo: the in vivo trap
  • Oxidative Stress biomarkers in humans
  • Non-invasive methods to evaluate oxidative stress (saliva, urine, hair...)

Discussion: Can we avoid non-physiological methods to evaluate oxidative stress?

Session 6 - Oxidative Stress, Antioxidants & Innovations

Call for innovations: 
The scientific committee invites you to present your innovative research in oxidative stress & antioxidants related fields.

Discussion with the chairs

  • Oxidative Stress and Antioxidants: The “positive” and “negative” sides of the coin for antioxidants
  • The subtle balance between redox homeostasis, ROS, and mitochondria homeostasis

17:00 Conclusion Remarks by the chairs

17:30 End of ISANH Paris Redox World Congress