Ethylene, an early marker of systemic inflammation in humans

Laurent PaardekooperOne of the strategic topic of Paris Redox 2018 is Oxidative Stress, New Bio-sensors & Biomarkers: Imaging of Oxidative Stress in 2018.

During Paris Redox 2018, Dr Laurent Paardekooper from the Tumor Immunology Lab at Radboud Institute for Molecular Life Science, Netherlands will give a strategic presentation about the role of ethylene as an early marker of systemic inflammation in humans.

Indeed, acute systemic inflammation is a premier cause of mortality in intensive care units, and early detection and treatment make the difference between life and death. Radicals generated during the immune response cause lipid peroxidation, which releases alkynes such as ethylene. Breath can be monitored in real-time for these gases, making ethylene a novel biomarker for systemic inflammation that is faster than any biomarker currently used in the clinic.

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