Are Reactive Sulfur Species the New Reactive Oxygen Species? - Paris Redox World Congress 2022 - June 22- 24, 2022


Are Reactive Sulfur Species the New Reactive Oxygen Species?

Paris-Redox-2020-Kennet-Olson-updatedThe Organizing Committee of Paris Redox 2020 Congress is honored to invite again Prof. Kenneth R. Olson, the Emeritus Professor of Physiology, at the Indiana University School of Medicine in South Bend, Indiana, USA.

Prof. Olson will give a presentation about Case Of Mistaken Identity: Are Reactive Sulfur Species The New Reactive Oxygen species?

A short summary of Talk: The chemistry and biology of reactive sulfur species (RSS) are strikingly similar to those of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and it is often difficult to distinguish between the two.

RSS predate ROS by over 2 billion years and in modern cells form a complex signaling network affecting a variety of regulatory processes commonly attributed to ROS.

Recent evidence shows that many ‘antioxidant’ drugs and natural compounds profoundly affect RSS and this may explain their well-known health benefits.

Paris Redox 2020 Congress
October 8-9, 2020 - Paris, France

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