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Welcome to Paris Redox 2021 Interactive Online Congress

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On behalf of the scientific committee, we are announcing our final decision: This year's congress will be exclusively held virtually: An Interactive Online Congress with live sesions, hoping that next year the congress can be in-person or as hybrid. The basic reasons for the decision is that we do not know how COVID-19 will develop in the early fall of 2021 combined with the fact that more than 90 % of the invited speakers indicated that they preferred to present their work online this year.


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Who attended Paris Redox 2020 Congress

Agilent (Sponsor)
DSM Nutritional Products
Layn Natural Ingredients USA

Academisch Medisch Centrum Universiteit
Adam Mickiewicz University Poznan
Akademia Wychowania Fizycznego w Krakowie
Clinical pharmacology
Croydon University Hospital
Genoa University 
 Philipps-Universität Marburg
Plodnost Bitola
PSG Collete of Arts & Science

Russian Academy of Sciences
Shaanxi University of Technology
Shanxi University of Chinese Medicine
Sichuan University
Suntech-Multi Global Concepts
University of Laval
Ulm University
Universidad de Buenos Aires
Universidad Industrial de Santander
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Universidad San Francisco de Quito

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New Hot Topic for Paris Redox 2020: Microbiota Diversity, Redox and Inflammation


During the Paris Redox 2020 congress,  a session will be dedicated to Microbiota diversity, Redox and Inflammation.

Redox & Fasting 2020: Periodic fasting improves blood oxidative stress profile in humans

Paris-Redox-2020-A4-virtual-v2Fasting is a normal condition during human life, but it also adopted as a mechanism for the improvement of health and general wellbeing. A few days of fasting lower glucose, triglyceride and insulin levels in the blood, while they are effective in weight and fat loss. However, the effects of fasting on human redox status have not yet examined.


Call for communication: Oral, Posters & Innovations Presentations


Paris Redox 2020 Scientific Committee invites scientists, academics and industrials to present all innovations and researches related to Redox Medicine, Oxidative stress, Antioxidants, Microbiota Diversity and Diseases.


Oxidative Stress: Eustress and Distress - Hot Topic will be highlighted by Prof. Helmut Sies

Paris-Redox-2020-Helmut-Sies-FBProf. Helmut Sies from Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf, Germany will give a major presentation entitled "Oxidative Stress: Eustress and Distress" during the Paris Redox 2020 Congress which will be held on October 8-9, 2020 in Paris, France. In the aerobic living cell a steady flux of oxidants is generated from sources under control of endogenous metabolic cues such as growth factors or cytokines, and also by exogenous signals.


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