What We Mean by "Interactive Online Congress, Discussion & Networking" - Paris Redox World Congress 2021 - October 13- 15, 2021

Welcome to Paris Redox 2021 Interactive Online Congress

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On behalf of the scientific committee, we are announcing our final decision: This year's congress will be exclusively held virtually: An Interactive Online Congress with live sesions, hoping that next year the congress can be in-person or as hybrid. The basic reasons for the decision is that we do not know how COVID-19 will develop in the early fall of 2021 combined with the fact that more than 90 % of the invited speakers indicated that they preferred to present their work online this year.


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What We Mean by "Interactive Online Congress, Discussion & Networking"

What We Mean by "Interactive Online Meeting"?

  • All registered attendees will have access to the Paris Redox Platform.
  • You can see and access to all attendees, speakers (major, short oral and poster presentations), organizations and chairpesons' profiles. 
  • You can contact, chat, and fix an appointment with all attendees and speakers.
  • You will have access to all recorded major talks, short oral presentations, and poster presentations. 
  • You will be able to participate in slots dedicated to Live Interactive Discussion & Networking.

What We Mean by "Live Interactive Discussion & Networking"?

During 2 days, we will dedicate four zones/slots for Live Interactive Discussion & Networking.

  • The zones take into consideration 3 time zones so everyone can attend at least one. 
  • All attendees can contact and discuss with all attendees (speakers and participants) present in these slots, ask all questions & network with them.
  • Attendees can also exchange ideas with other participants, and discuss potential collaborative work.
  • You can fix an appointment with any of the speakers (major, short oral and poster presentations) or attendees.
  • Different members of the scientific committee will chair the different Live Interactive slots.

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